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Membership fee is $100

Little Hills Hunting Preserve members receive:

  • 3 Pheasants (if paid by September 30th)

  • Discounted bird prices

  • Scratch hunt opportunities

  • Holiday specials

Interested in a Membership? Please give us a call!

Buy your membership before August 1st to be entered to win a 10 bird hunt!


Reservations ​must be made in advance to ensure that there will be a field available. The morning hunts start at 8:00 a.m. and conclude by  12:00p.m.  Afternoon hunts begin at 1:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon hunts begin at 1:30. 


If cancellations of any kind are not made within two hours of your scheduled hunt time and your birds are set, you will be required to pay in full.

  • No 3" shells

  • Blaze orange is required 

  • Absolutely no alcohol prior to or during hunts

  • No ground shooting

  • Everyone must check-in and check-out

Safety is Our #1 Priority
Sporting Clays

Sporting clays are available by appointment. Please call for more information or to set up an appointment: 715-447-8301

Senior Discount

Seniors (62+)

$1.50 off bird prices

Available: Monday - Thursday, October & November

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