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Welcome to Little Hills

Little Hills has eight fields that makeup over 300 acres of prime hunting ground. The land consists of planted and natural cover with thickets and draws, all leading to the exciting experience of the hunt. The fields are all very diverse with something for everyone. If quality pheasant or chukar hunting is what you are after, Little Hills is the place for you!

Little Hills Offers

Pheasant Hunts  // Chukar Hunts  // Sporting Clays

The Little Hills Story

christmas 2021_edited.jpg
Dave, Amanda, Rody, Bowie, & Hunter Oberle - Citory & Isaiah Turner

Little Hills is owned and operated by Dave and Amanda Oberle. The doors opened in the fall of 2000 with 3 fields and a room in the barn as a clubhouse. We have expanded to 9 hunting fields, a real clubhouse, and indoor plumbing! In the fall of 2011, we added on to our clubhouse to accommodate larger groups.


We have been blessed to be able to raise our three children while pursuing our Little Hills dreams. Growing a family while hanging around dog-loving bird hunters has been incredible!

~ The Oberle Family

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